The Hollin Hills Pool enjoys a reputation for a well-behaved membership that desires a safe, family friendly environment. Pool rules are strictly enfaced. We encourage you to read the Pool Rules prior to requesting membership. Thank you in advance for helping us maintain a positive experience for all members.

Hollin Hills Residents - If you are a new Hollin Hills resident, please contact us via email to be considered for 2017 membership. We’ll need to verify that you live in the community and are a member of the Civic Association of Hollin Hills in order to process your membership.


Non-Hollin Hills Residents - If you do not live in Hollin Hills and wish to be added to the wait list for the 2017 season, please complete this form.


Please note that the wait list is about two seasons long.



2017 Fees

New Member Enrollment Fee: There is a one-time, non-refundable family enrollment fee of $550

Annual Membership Fee

1 swimmer: $285

2 swimmers: $435
3 swimmers: $525
4 swimmers: $595
5 swimmers: $650
6 swimmers: $700


$50 for each additional household member. No charge for children under 2 as of 6/1/17.


Annual Pool Cleanup Fee

A $75 Pool Cleanup Deposit is charged each year. The deposit is returned to you if your household performs three or more hours of volunteer pool cleanup.
NOTE: Persons over 70 are not required to pay a clean up fee.


Guest Passes

Five  guest passes are included under your membership on the computer — no paper passes needed.


Pool members only may purchase additional guest passes throughout the season for $5 each. Guest passes may be purchased online through the season or from the front office personnel (checks only please).